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Your little ones need to be sleeping through the night, so you can sleep through the night. I am here to help your family to feel rested & connected again. 
I know you're exhausted, & feeling overwhelmed. With 16 years experience specializing in 0-5 year olds, I can provide the support & guidance you need to feel empowered & confident again.
When you are in survival mode, getting out of it seems daunting. I am going to be with you every step of the way as we get your little one sleeping through the night and napping like a champ. I know you've read all the books & had all the advice from mommy friends. Somehow, it still feels like none of it works with your unique child. Your family deserves more than a one size fits all approach. 
Sleep Training
Sleep Training 
Your whole family deserves healthy sleep

My joy comes from being able to give your family the gift of your children sleeping through the night, & napping long enough to feel their best! 

I come to your home, & teach you hands on how to give your child the skills they need to be well-rested. I give what other coaches don't: Hands on support. Your success depends on more than a written plan, & I am here to support you every step of the way. 

I know it might seem out of reach, but 11-12 hours of sleep each night is an attainable goal & with my help you will get there sooner than you think.

Speaker & Product Development Consultant
Working with brands & parenting resources

Pampers panel speaker

Product Development Consultant for LectroFan Kinder

ABC Kids Expo panel speaker monthly contributor

Bowery Babes sleep expert

Sound Of Sleep Spokesperson 

Baby Does NYC presenter

Monthly parenting Q&A session presenter

Parent Coaching
Parent Coaching
Empower your kids with loving boundaries

Learn the tools to minimize tantrums, eliminate bedtime resistance, strengthen your bond while setting appropriate and loving boundaries. 

Googling for answers and relying on FB Mommy group comments for advice is often more anxiety producing than the problem itself. There's too much information to sift through. Too many opinions wildly contradicting one another. 

Your time should be spent on enjoying your family.

With me coaching you, you'll have real time, child & situation-specific guidance so you can get back to enjoying being a parent. 


Roger and Erin:

"...My 3 year old didn't adjust very well to the arrival of his little brother and since Kylee stayed with us, the problem behaviors (whining, defiance, not listening) have greatly diminished. I am not exaggerating when I say she completely turned my life around. I am a stay at home mom, and a situation that was previously unbearable is largely pleasant nowadays. I seriously owe my sanity and rest all to her and I am SO grateful! Thank you, Kylee!!"

Jon and Emma:

"Kylee is AMAZING. I typically do not take time to write reviews (what parent can spare time to do so!), but Kylee is deserving of this time. Before Kylee even entered our home to support us through sleep training our 5 month old daughter, she was responsive to all of our questions and concerns. She made us feel completely comfortable and honestly astounded us with the breadth of her knowledge - not just about infant and child sleep, but also many other aspects of parenting for which one has to make choices and decisions. Kylee is warm, practical, and provided fantastic insights into our daughter's sleep cues, natural cadence, and established a wonderful sleep foundation for our family. I would (and have already) recommend her to any of my friends..."

David & Melinda:

"Kylee was absolutely fantastic! She help us with our 11 month old twins and they have been sleeping like champs after about a week. Our son took a bit longer and Kylee was there with us until he was fully sleep trained. We could not have done this without Kylee's help and reassurance. I regret not doing it sooner!"

How Does This Work?
In depth consultation 
  •  Thorough phone consultation so I can understand your family's unique situation.
  •  Advice before we begin on how to make sure your child's sleeping environment is ready for success.
  •  Follow-up questions welcomed via email or phone call.
In-home support
  •  I come to your home, stay for 13 hours. From an hour before bedtime, to wake-up time.
  •  I coach you through the night so you have hands on support when things get hard. This is where most parents fail in the DIY sleep training attempts. Nighttime is when you are most likely to give into old habits and crutches. 
  •  I can come for multiple nights if need be. As much support as you feel you would need, I can provide. 
Follow-up support
  •  I leave your family with a written log of our time together as well as a plan for how to successfully move forward once I am no longer there.
  •  Each sleep training package comes with 14 days of follow-up support via text, email or calls
  •  Directions for adjusting naps is included in your follow-up support.
Kylee Sallak
Founder of Back To Basics Parenting 
  •  Pampers panel speaker & pediatric sleep consultant
  • monthly blog contributor 
  • Bowery Babes pediatric sleep & parenting expert
  •  ABC Kids Expo Panel Speaker alongside sleep researcher Dr. Rafael Pelayo 
  •   Baby Does NYC Panel Speaker 
  •   One on one in-home attention
  •   Results, results, results. You want them, I produce them!
  •   Emphasis on empowering parents
  •  16 years experience, specializing in kids age 0-5 
  •  Hundreds of families helped 
  •   Real time, kid-specific advice and access to me
  •   Methodology based on a tremendous amount of experience which is backed by AAP, AASM, current peer-reviewed journals and Applied Behavioral Analysis