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Pampers.com guest blogger (Article debuting October 31st)

Speaking at the ABC Expo in Las Vegas alongside Dr. Rafael Pelayo 

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Sleep Training
Parenting Coach

“Cora has been in a fantastic mood!!! Talking way more than usual and very happy. I’m already noticing a definite difference in her energy levels after our first 24 hours of sleep training. We are so grateful we found you!” 


“Thanks again so much for your guidance and loving support with our boys. Chasen said to me randomly a few days ago: Mama, I need to see Kylee soon!!!”


“I just wanted to say, separate from our group thread, THANK YOU for your continued support, advice and guidance as we work through sleep training our sweet little nugget. You fucking rock and I hope our family will have a long working relationship with you!”


Meet Your Parenting Coach: Kylee Sallak

Kylee Sallak New York Sleep Coach

-16 years experience & hundreds of families helped.

-Results, results, results. You want them, I produce them, & your kids are none the wiser.

-Pampers consultant (as a pediatric sleep expert).

ABC Kid Expo panel speaker along-side pediatric sleep expert Dr. Rafael Pelayo.

-Go-to pediatric sleep coach and parenting expert for Mommy Bites and Bowery Babes.

-Sleep training, potty training, managing behavior & more for the 0-5 age group.

-Emphasis on empowering parents, not on becoming parent-shaped doormats.

-One on one in-home attention.

-Real time, kid-specific advice and access to me.

-Methodology based on a tremendous amount of experience which is backed by AAP, AASM, and current peer-reviewed journals

-ABSOLUTE confidentiality observed and discretion practiced for all families


Baby being sleep trained

Sleep Training

Sleep training with me, you will see I only use methods aligned with the recommendations of American Academy of Pediatrics, as well as the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Over 90% of babies and young children who use these empirically-supported methods respond favorably to sleep training, with many babies seeing improvement in as little as 3 days. I work with your family and develope a plan that makes sense for your unique child. I welcome your questions and am here to help you and your baby get the restorative sleep you’ve all been missing!

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Family works with parent coach

Parenting Coach

Having a parenting coach in your corner means having support, education and encouragement when you are feeling overwhelmed. It means getting real answers for specific situations you are currently facing, rather than doing a generic Google search, leaving you even more confused and less sure of how to handle the situation. I provide child specific guidance for whatever goal you are trying to reach or habit you are trying to break. Parents who work with me have five packages to choose from to fit everybody’s budget. My packages range from one time questions via email, to in home guidance, to keeping me on a monthly retainer with access to me whenever you need me.

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Speaking engagement with a parenting coach

Public Speaking

I am available to speak for your event and am comfortable joining a parenting panel, acting as your key note speaker or in smaller settings for private parenting groups. In addition to being the resident sleep consultant and go-to parenting expert for Bowery Babes, and speaking for Baby Does NYC, I also had the honor of speaking on a parenting panel for Pampers. As an important side note, my area of expertise is 0-5 with an emphasis on sleep training, managing behavior and parental happiness.

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Contact me, I can help your family too!


“Thank you so much Kylee!! You’ve given us the gift of restful sleep and a slew of tools to help with tantrums. We are so appreciative!! We will definitely leave reviews for you. We loved working with you and you might like to know– Emi frequently asks about you and says she wants to see you and play with you!”



“I can’t believe how far we’ve come in just a week! We couldn’t be more appreciative of how much we’ve learned and how it’s helped her become a much happier and healthier baby!”


“We wanted to reach out again, just to let you know that 3 months later we are still using the tools you taught us and seeing the difference in our son’s overall mood and sleep habits. Thank you so much for all your guidance!”

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